Frequently asked questions

What types of plug does Plugull fit?

Plugull is designed and tested to fit Original UK Standard three pin plugs. We are currently working on a worldwide range that will fit Europe, USA, Asia and Australia plugs. To be notified when its available please do subscribe to our newsletter mailing list.

Does Plugull Plug pull affect electrical connection to my devices?

No! We have taken into consideration the appropriate thickness needed not to affect electrical connection to devices. We have carefully followed guides with the General Product Safety Regulations.

Is Plugull Plug pull safe to use with Electrical devices/appliances?

Yes! Users should ensure their plugs remains compliant with safety requirements according to BS 1363 Part 1 We've had to ensure product is safe and to determine its safety we've assessed any risks associated with the product and its use and taken steps to eliminate/minimise these risks.

Is Plugull an Arthiritis and Mobility Aid?

Plugull is very popular with people who have arthritis affecting their wrists, hands, and fingers. Plugull has been designed in detail through testing and feedback from a range of testers, including many who have arthritis. Plugull has been proven to be a beneficial living aid for people with any amount of reduced dexterity. This may be caused by general ageing, Arthritis, Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Charcoat Marie Tooth etc.

What colours of Plugull are available?

Plugull is currently available in six glossy bright, vibrant, easily recognisable colours – Black, Red, Green, Yellow, Fluorescent Yellow and Fluorescent Orange. We are currently working and experimenting on new exciting colours. Do keep an eye out by subscribing to our mailing lists.

Can i get a Custom made Plugull / Promotional logo on my Plugull?

Yes! If you would like a custom coloured or branded Plugull, please get in contact with

Where is Plugull made?

Plugull is proudly designed and manufactured in Britain. Significant time and money has been invested to keep the design and manufacturing process within the UK so we can maximise our control over quality and supply.

Trade and Wholesale price offered?

Yes we sell directly to a number of retailers and businesses who purchase at trade prices. If you are interested in stocking Plugull plug pull, please don't hesitate to get in touch at and we'd be delighted to find a way that Plugull can benefit your business.


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